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So I thought I’d go with a much needed update, this time about moonchickens.

I’m on PTR and well, the rotation is pretty boring.  It’s pretty difficult to keep track of as well.  This is mainly because it’s new though, I’m not too worried right now.  But it’s BORING.  The dynamics don’t change, there is nothing special about it.  It doesn’t matter when you hyperspeed accelerator, so I bound it to both wrath and starfire, AND DAMN LOOK AT THAT ASS (I’m waiting for class), and there is no real moments that make you feel like a badass.  You know what I mean, like when you would crit back to back to back in solar eclipse.  You’d be sitting there like just doing the regular rotation and you’re watching your guy and you see [Nature’s Grace] [Nature’s Grace] over and over and you know your dps is rising up.  There isn’t that feeling anymore, it’s just not FUN. It will make accessing your real damage in arena much easier though, unlike in the past when we had to crit.  And let’s be honest, you have to rise to 100 energy either way, starfire gives 20, and a crit gives 8 more…okay so?  20+20+20+20+20=100 cool, 5 starfires.  28+28+20+20+20=116 (Still 5 starfires)  That means you need 60% crit rate on those to even matter.  Well, we’ll call it 40% because usually you start your rotation with a bit from the other bar from eclipse, but still.  40% that’s a lot.  I don’t have 40% crit on regular spellcast.


Ummm…so if you don’t like anime this may inspire you to start watching.  Black Lagoon is an anime that came out around something like 2004 or 2005.  Anyhow, it’s a great anime but it stopped in 2006 and just today I watched a new episode from the OVA (SO HAPPY AND EXCITED STILL).  Basically the whole storyline to Black Lagoon is about a group of modern day pirates that takes on different dirty jobs for cash.  There are lots of guns, and explosions, and more guns, and kicks, and more guns, and punches in the anime to really add to the action.  Did I mention there are guns?  This is definitely worth watching in my opinion.  The characters are well developed and the storyline is easy to follow.  This is one of my favorite animes, up their with Kara No Kyokai (SP?)  Garden of Sinners in English.

Most of the episodes can be found at, except I had to find the new OVA at a different website.  (Search for it on your own…I did).

Hello Brand New World

I’m drunk, but that’s besides the point.  I had a talk with my buddy Nate tonight, he’s a good friend.   I’ve had a recent fear of death many could relate to.  The fear of not living on.  I pledge from here forward to live my life to the fullest.  I will use my five senses  to live my life to the fullest.  I start my first living with touch, the most basic of our senses.  How often do you feel your baseboards in your house, the door handle on your car, the keys you are pressing?  If you believe in some form of religion I give mad props to you, my faith has been dwindling, but, do your best to live your life.  Go out and run your hands across the grass, feel it’s texture.  For should we believe in God there is nothing to lose, but should he not exist then we shall live our lives to the fullest.  Remember that every passing moment is not dying, but living.  If your spacebar key is worn out like mine is, encourage not only yourself but me as well to spend time with those you love.  We only live once, and I may sound hypocritical since I’m blogging, but you need to spend time with others as well.

My recent fear of death has had me shaken to the core.  I’ve sweated, trembled, lost sleep, and had nightmares about dying.  I can only hope that my opening of this fear helps those who are in the same ship as I.  I read a quote recently, it goes like this, “Life is a sexually transmitted disease, the mortality rate is 100%.”  That is also 100% true.  So I’m encouraging you all to quit spending your time your reading this and to get out.  Life may be an STD, but if you paid the price, ride the ride, don’t pussy out.  Anyhow, Art is official, out.


I’m kidding.

Fuck the West half of the United States, it can lick my left nut.  Hot, dry, ugly.


We’ll, gonna’ go with a new idiot of the week.  Idiot of the week goes to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…me.  Yep, I am the Idiot of the Week, bet’cha’ never saw that coming.

Anyhow, my family took a vacation out West.  I thought it’d suck, but we left the Rocky National Park in Colorado (That was kinda lame).  But nearing West Colorado I really began to enjoy the drive.  Glenwood Canyon could be the most beautiful summer drive ever.  Hands down.  I’m way a ways from home in Kentucky, and it’s amazing how massive the canyon walls were.  The Colorado River runs right below the road and there are like 4-5 bridges which are pretty cool.  I’m taking shotgun for the rest of this RV trip, there is just too much I’d miss riding looking out the side.

Moral of the story, even I can be surprised.

How Lucky Are We?

Let me first explain to you all that this post has nothing to do WoW, but it is pretty deep.

Anyhow, I was out burning a cig about 5 minutes ago and a particular star caught my eye.  Most the stars we see glow white, but this was had a red glow to it.  I’m sure there is a logical reason to this, but hell if I know.  Anyhow, I got to thinkin’, “I wonder how far away that star is?”  In terms of distance the human race will most likely die off before we’ll ever be able to reach that star or anything even close to it.  I got to thinking that we’ve gone to the moon, and that’s REALLY far away.  I thought to myself, “Space is a lonely place.”  But space isn’t a lonely place, when we think about it, those stars all give off light.  I associate the darkness of space to be lonely, and Earth is not a very lonely place.  So if there are that many stars, imagine how much light they give off.  Our sun is but one of millions or billions of light givers, so I wonder how many civilizations exist in space that are as advanced as ours.  I wonder if they have mammals?  How many creatures in the universe are similar in structure to human beings?

Just some food for thought.

Poopdick of the Week


I’m not entirely all that mean, at least, I don’t think so anymore.  While in Paragon of War I was the biggest guild asshole, but even then I didn’t think it was THAT bad.  When I joined Mal-poopdick-icious on Tichondrius, I realized what a nice guy I actually was.

Ya’ see, Mal-poopdick-icious, is a very seniority led guild.  They’re also huge dickcheeses.  They already had a boomkin, Tru-poopdick-dee, and I thought/knew/believed I was better than him.  We’re almost equal in gear and I beat him a good 95% of successful kills.  I also beat a bunch of other people.  I’m quick to the battle rez and what not so I thought things were goin’ nicely for my trial period.  Err, wrong.  Apparently I just say stupid shit and it pisses me off, BUT WHO THE FUCK DOESN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT MONSTER TRUCKS?!

Anyhow, we did heroic Sindragosa and it was way past knowing it was a wipe so I let myself get pwned by a frostbolt.  I got called out on vent for wiping the raid which I thought he was fucking with me so I said, “Well I just figure the quicker we waste these 40 attempts the less time we’ll be in here.”



No, the kid starts cussing me out and bitching at me, to which I respond, “My dick, your mouth.”  And that’s when I really set him off.  “Blah blah nobody likes you I pull logic from my third grade brother yada yada, your bad blah blah,” is what the guy said to me.  (Apparently he was an officer).  I replied, “Maybe I should start a battle-rez counter for you?”  He didn’t like that…

His dick humping raid leader who sounds like a 13 year-old with his nuts in his stomach then kicked me.  I’m willing to suck it up and play with people I don’t like, well that’s what I thought.  The importance of raiding is a fair and equal competitive rewarding group.  So fuck <Malicious>, Olando, Apakk, Trudee, Lynnizol, Valefore, Lightsaber, Corenna, and all you other idiots.  You just got Shrepto’d.  IDIOTS OF THE FUCKING WEEK SON!

The Suspension

Everywhere you go where there will be service there will be new people at work, it’s just a fact of life.  It’s your duty as a model citizen to give these people hell for messing up as it will only better them in the long run.  If you ordered a cheeseburger from McDonald’s without pickle and there was pickle and the guy that punches in the order or the cook who fucked it up is new, give ’em hell.

If a GM suspends me for no specific reason and gives me 3 hours off WoW I’m going to be angry.  It’s not so much the downtime that really frustrates me, it’s the lack of professionalism I expect when I pay for a good or service.  You see, I got into it with some noob scrub who called me an Ebay and then began to assume I was a transfer yada’ friggin’ yada’.  He said I came from Blackrock in trade chat, which I have no problem with Blackrock, but I came from Kil’Jaeden.  So I quickly corrected him and then to show I wasn’t a little Ebay’ing scrub I linked a few on my WoL’s ranked players.  I’m not entirely sure if this is what I was reported for, as the email was not specific.  To top things off this Paladin was cussing like a sailor at me, so fuck him.

Anyhow I got this suspension and I emailed them back asking for a specific log of what I had said.  Three hours go by, nothing, suspension ends, and I hop back on.  The next day I got an email saying the account action had been lifted and they were sorry.  Then they asked me to fill out a customer service survey.


Customer service comes from accuracy and speed, not fucking up and being slow.  I don’t work year round, but in the summers my job driving a fork lift requires me to be accurate and quick.  To top things off I’m 50-60 feet in the air lifting 30lb-50lb boxes of books onto my pallet in a stuffy, dusty, hot warehouse.  If I don’t do my job right I get drilled by my boss so my intentions are don’t fuck up.  While just about anyone in decent physical shape and a brain could do my job I try to do it right everyday not just because of the ramifications if I fuck up, but because students and teachers around the world depend on the shipping of these books on time.  A GM shouldn’t fuck his job up because people pay $15.00 a month to play.

The United States has lost the sense of honor in their jobs and needs to pick up the slack.  Take your free time how you want it, but don’t make other people suffer because you can’t learn the balance of work and jacking off.

-I want to fuck the girl in Tel 310,


Idiot(s) of the Week

This is a special idiot of the week, in fact, it’s the BIGGEST idiot of the week ever!  I’m categorizing the whole server of Tichondrius as idiots.  WOW!  A whole server?!  Yes!  WHY?!

Well, to start things off, KJ is just a better server in general.  People aren’t as dumb, the trolls are me and…well me, guilds are more advanced, and representative of American qualities.  How would you describe Tichondrius?  Umm, China.  They’re reluctant about server transfers, even when it’s someone like me who is an ass kicka’.  It’s full of ninjas.


That is all

How to Boomkin Like a Pro

In this post I’m going to go over every detail I can think of to help you play boomkin.


  • Bind every key, EVERY KEY.  Bind Potions of Speed, Hyperspeed Accelerators, Innervate, B-rez, BIND IT!
    Get Simcraft or Wrathcalcs and find out your stat valuations.  While most gear is obvious upgrades, some really good pieces aren’t.  Get in touch with calculating the simple algebra to gear up.
  • Always be casting (ABC), if you aren’t then you’re losing dps time.
  • If you have to be somewhere in the fight where you aren’t don’t just run there.  If you have time, do your normal rotation and move during moonfire/insect swarm/starfall/treants/innervate.  This goes with the ABC principle.
  • If there is AOE coming soon hold off a bit on starfall.  Chances are if you wait 5 more seconds you COULD do more dps.
  • If you’re in lunar eclipse and starfall comes off CD with 5-7 seconds left on Lunar eclipse WAIT.  Starfalling during solar eclipse will almost guarantee 1 second wraths thus making use of the crits (Unlike the high probability you already have rolling NG throughout lunar)
  • Become an engineer.  Rocket boots, slowfall to cloak +27 sp, and hyperspeed accelerators are AMAZING enchants.  Learn to use them properly.
  • Keep a keen eye on your dots and debuffs.  If you’re planning to move soon and HAVE to get there apply both dots if not overlapping.  Apply one dot if the other will overlap and use a different instant cast.  Check faerie fire, it may need reapplied (If there is 4 minutes left in the fight and 1 min left on FFand you needa move you should throw up the FF).
  • Plan Ahead in every move you make
  • If your healers are good and you know you won’t die from an attack you could avoid, barkskin it.  Most guilds can easily heal you through tough damage with ease, just be sure to barkskin it.
  • KEYBIND THE HEALTHSTONE.  These go wasted constantly, mine is set to 5.  Get in the habit of using it, just because it’s bound doesn’t mean you’re more likely to use it.
  • Play on a keyboard you are comfortable with.  I use a laptop and my key bindings go from 1 – = and even h, k, b, c, t, u, i, k, z. I use the TOUCHPAD for a mouse.  Would you expect it?..NO!  I can’t play on a desktop keyboard for crap though and my key bindings have been with me for 3 years.
  • Despite popular belief keyboard turning won’t kill you or your damage that much.  With proper placement on numerous fights keyboard turning is easily acceptable.  Of course any time you can turn around quicker to save your dps (Mouse turning) should be done.  However, if during bonestorm I place myself far from marrowgar I can keyboard turn and not lose any spellcasts.  Lesson: Placement is key.

Every player plays differently.  It’s hard to say someone is better than another when you get to the top tiers of raiding.  I’ve excelled at what I do because I’ve put a lot of time into perfecting how I I I I I I I I I I I I Play.  You can get good by perfecting how YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU play.

My last piece of advice is that most people on EJ, The Moonkin Repository, Etc etc, are idiots.  While I’m no math wizard, I don’t claim to be.  The ideal boomkin rotation is rather simple to figure out with a few buffs and the heroic training dummy.  If you’re unsure of what to do GO TRY IT FIRST before asking some idiot with his head up his ass what to do.  And if you’re gonna’ talk shit back it up with numbers, otherwise you’re dumb.  If you give an excuse (Well I’m on adds, or blah blah, you ain’t ABC’ing)